PART 2: Engaging Evening Devotions

by Cori Matsui-Hernandez, MSU alumni

This is part two of Cori’s talks on how to have meaningful devotions. As college students, many things demand our time and quickly ebb away at out personal time with Jesus. Cori shares from her experience of how to connect with God after a long academic day that might have been draining both mentally and emotionally. She shares tips on how to prepare you busy mind to be able to be still and hear God’s voice through His Word. Check out the video below.

If you didn’t catch Part 1, click here to watch the first video.

PART 1: Devotions A Time Saver

by Cori Matsui-Hernandez, MSU alumni

As college students, devotions can easily be crowded out by the demands of academic life on a pubic university. The pressures of exams, projects and even social pressures often cause our time with God to take a back seat. However when we purpose in our hearts to spend time with God, how to be keep it consistent and meaningful? Cori Hernandez shares some things that have helped her while she was a student at Michigan State University. Listen in as she share why we need to have devotions and ways to be consistent and avoid the drowsy morning reading of God’s Word.