Mentorship Program

Due to the limitation of mentors, the Mentorship Program is by invitation only at this time.


We recognized that Adventist Christian students on the public university campuses are looking for mentors to guide them along the way. Each year students flounder in their faith trying to make sense of the academic demands, social pressure, and frankly to enjoy their college experience. Many miss out on the best part of their college years, which is their unique opportunity to grow in their relationship with God and share that relationship with those they meet. That is why we have created this program.


Many Adventist college students lose their faith on campus. They struggle connecting to a faith community and find it hard to manage their changing relationship with their family back home. In all honesty, we know the academic objectives of a public university specifically targets the faith of students, undermining it to cause them to give up their faith. We believe that the first mission field is your own heart, God transforms the mess of the heart into a story of great success.


However, historically, college students were the impetus for great revivals and change. Therefore we believe the highest potential God has placed within you. For this reason, we have developed the PCM Mentorship Program to create a safe place for you to ask difficult questions, seek biblical guidance on social issues, find answers to your emotional meanderings and most of all discover the amazing potential God has for you.

For more information, please see our Mentorship Program Guidebook