Partner with us to raise the missionaries the world needs

To meet the greatest want of the world, all of us need to help the next generation

But here’s the reality…


Only 3% of the North American Church is young


More than half of our Adventist young people are losing their faith


Faithfulness today is harder than ever before

CAMPUS wants to partner with you to prepare the next generation for the imminent return of Christ.

Like you, we care about the next generation — they are our children.

As parents and leaders we understand the struggle of what it means to be a Seventh-day Adventist in a secular setting.

To live in sincerity and faith in this context is the hardest task ever given to any generation.

For over 20 years, CAMPUS has been working with the next generation.

CAMPUS is a Bible-based revival movement in which every student is a missionary. We prepare public campuses for the return of Christ.

Every movement’s success relies on its ability to inspire the next generation to rise up and own its mission. CAMPUS is here to build this next generation of leaders who live faithfully for God in the world. This is why I’m a CAMPUS Partner.

Josephine Elia Loi, Ph.D

Sr. Process Engineer
CAMPUS is the most positive educational experience I have ever had, more than college, medical school or residency.

Rev. 1:1-3 says Jesus is coming soon. Nothing is more important than reaching secular campuses and reaching them now. CAMPUS is uniquely reaching a generation that will play the most vital role in our world’s final chapter.

Stephen Waterbrook, MD

General Surgeon

Here’s how to partner with us


Pray for the next generation of missionaries and our young people


Partner with us by giving recurring donation of $85/month (or $1,000/year)

Note: Once you are directed to AdventistGiving.org, make sure to click recurring donation on the top before giving to “CAMPUS Partners”


Be a part of a community that raises fearless and selfless missionaries for the next generation

The time has never been more important.
The need has never been greater.


Not ready to be a Partner?

We understand that not everyone is able to become a CAMPUS Partner.

Every gift helps advance our mission to raise fearless and selfless missionaries in the next generation.

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We sincerely thank you for your investment in the next generation.

Missionaries posing with friends on return trip for UP Fall Retreat.