HI-C Registration

On behalf of our Public Campus Ministry & Youth departments we invite you to attend our Public Hi-C retreat at Camp Au Sable in Grayling, MI.  

Dates: November 5-7, 2021

Cost: $65.00

Who Should Come: Students attending public (non-Adventist) high-schools or colleges & universities.

Where: Camp Au Sable in Grayling, MI.

Theme: Consume
Elijah is a central figure in the narrative of scripture.  Although he was a common man without a notable family lineage or extraordinary talent, God gave him a special message that culminated with a showdown on Mt. Carmel.  What was the secret to his success?  How will that message be fulfilled again with prophetic force in our generation?  What does Elijah and his experience have to do with me?  These are the questions we’ll navigate at our next Hi-C retreat.