God sends a mechanic and an engine

Traveling to college at the beginning of the year has its own adventure, and traveling to nine hours to Michigan Tech has a way of building endurance. In the case for Marcus, he had a story to tell that is still being written. Listen as he shares below of God’s providence with his 1987 Dodge Raider.

Blessed Are The Meek

The sermon on the mount given by Jesus was the greatest sermon ever preached. Pastor Israel Ramos highlights the meaning of blessed are the meek in this months devotional. Meekness is linked to internal peace. Listen as Pr. Israel shares about what it means to be meek.

Finding an Anchor

Finding an Anchor

by Jasmine Simmons

Listen to Jasmine share her testimony

Hello my name is Jasmine Simmons, and I am entering my Senior Year at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. I am currently studying to become a Special Education Teacher, and I love it. However, I didn’t always want to study what I am studying now. In fact, I remember thinking that if GOD told me that He wanted me to become a special education teacher I would ‘run to Nineveh.’ I ended high school wanting to go to Grand Valley State University and study pre-law. I didn`t ask GOD if that is what he wanted me to do because I figured no point in asking since it was what I thought was best for me. It a good thing that GOD is all knowing, because I would have been miserable.

There is a verse in Proverbs that has sort of been my anthem, and it says, “In her heart a (wo)man plans her course but it is the LORD that directs her steps ….”. This has been the story of my life. I planned to study pre-law, and I swore that I would never be a teacher. Yet, here I am studying to become the very thing I absolutely refused to be. GOD didn’t ever tie me down and force me to become something that I didn’t want to. Instead, HE patiently revealed to me the gifts and talents that He had placed in me. He brought to memory all the times that as a young girl I would play school with my sisters and absolutely love it. He showed me that all the gifts and abilities that He placed in me were those of a teacher.  

One thing that I have absolutely come to love about GOD is that even though HE always knows best, and He always wants what is best, He takes the time to allow us to see and choose between HIS way and our way. He allowed me through various experiences to taste and see that He is and was and always will be good. Following GOD has allowed me to encounter other young people my age who have a similar foundation.

College has been a state of flux for me and lots of other young people. It is a time where you are re-evaluating the things that you believe and who you are. Being connected to the C.A.M.P.U.S. family and my local church family has been my anchor. When temptations or hard seasons have come, I have been able to lean on my community for strength, prayer, and encouragement. I know that the things that the devil offers can look really appealing and fun.

The world tells us that college is a time to get away from our “awful overbearing” parents and “live” life. That lie is from the devil and he always comes with a hidden cost. If you are anything like me, you enjoy having fun so connect with your local C.A.M.P.U.S family. As a part of campus, I have been on girl road trips, weekend camp stays , dinner parties, game nights and all sorts of other things. When you experience fun the way GOD wants you too there won`t be any hidden fees or holes to fall into. So get involved, spread the GOOD news of Jesus Christ and experience Joy.