On November 16, 2015, the Lake Union Conference appointed Pastor Israel Ramos to serve as its Public Campus Ministry Coordinator.  The invitation was extended upon the recommendation of conference presidents and youth directors after an increasing interest in this ministry by the Adventist Church at all levels.  Israel Ramos is the first to serve in union-level Public Campus Ministry leadership since no other North American union has appointed this type of position before.  The hope is that other unions will follow suit in the near future.

Michigan Conference remains the only conference in North America with a full-fledge Public Campus Ministries Department which also oversees the Center for Adventist Ministry to Public University Students or CAMPUS.  Israel Ramos, Andy Im, Justin Kim, and Sikhu Daco oversee the department and CAMPUS, which has a Missionary Training Program that has been running since 1999.  CAMPUS recently launched a Ministerial Residency that trains future ministers in leading University Churches or UCHURCH–congregations near public campuses that view college ministry as a primary objective.  In the last three years, three of its residents have been hired as pastors.

The appointment to the Lake Union comes at a crucial time for CAMPUS, the Lake Union, and Public Campus Ministry in general.  With an influx of public campus ministry practitioners, CAMPUS has been working on developing a structure for Public Campus Ministry that is uniquely Adventist.  It has also taken steps towards beefing up Adventist Apologetics to strengthen the faith of Adventist students on college campuses and also as a form of evangelism for intellectually inclined students.  Additionally, for several years, CAMPUS has been working on a Bible Commentary project designed to intuitively integrate with the lives and lifestyle of students.

With the new appointment, the possibility exists to further test these resources with a wider audience and to eventually produce a final product that will really advance Adventism on secular campuses.

CAMPUS looks forward to future possibilities for preparing public campuses for the imminent return of Christ.



During the General Conference Public Campus Ministry Summit and Symposium, delegates were divided into 8 groups to discuss the building blocks of PCM as determined by the GC PCM Director, Dr. Jiwan Moon.

Each group brought forth recommendations to be approved by the larger body of delegates.

The following are the recommendations voted by the delegates. These recommendations will be sent to the AMiCUS Committee which oversees PCM and is composed of the Youth, Education, and Chaplaincy departments of the GC.

Through this committee, the most pressing recommendations will be submitted to GC Administration and a select few will proceed to the upcoming General Conference Session in San Antonio.

That the symposium produced so many recommendations is in itself a great accomplishment. That any of these get voted at the GC Session will also be a pretty good accomplishment. Congratulations to Dr. Moon and AMiCUS on a successful summit and symposium–this is a great accomplishment for less than a year in office.

Here is the unedited version of the document:

Group 1:


The role of the local church in Public Campus Ministry Recommended:


  • That every church appoint a PCM/student leader.


  • That the PCM leader should be on the church board.


  • That each church should implement a model of becoming a PCM/student friendly church. That every conference/mission is to have a PCM director who will work with the local churches in training, promoting, and implementing a model for PCM friendly churches. The values of PCM friendly church are to foster relationships, spiritual growth, mission, and empowerment.


We believe that it is the responsibility of every church to care for college/university students, whether studying locally or away from their home church, and to those students moving to study in close proximity to the church. There is a need to work with every church Pastor so as to get their commitment to build their church/es to be student friendly churches.


Group 2:


PCM on Campuses


  • We recommend that the GC PCM and AMICUS be responsible to share the VISION of the importance of PCM, and each Division and Union would then define how to start a ministry in that particular area taking the context into consideration.


  • We recommend that the GC PCM and AMICUS create an incentivizing program for starting chapters with few resources. Call a pool of creatives to create a platform that generates a grassroots clearing house of projects and resources for the purpose of awarding grants in the following categories: starting a group, service programs and resources creation.





Group 3:


Role of Communitieis/Mentors in Public Campus Ministry


  • Union PCM Directors will assist Conference PCM Directors to establish Mentor/Mentee programs at the local PCM level. They will establish and manage a database of potential mentor professionals to be accessed by local PCM Leader.


  • Every local PCM establish a Mentor/Mentee program of professional and non-professional mentors and work with the Conference PCM Director to train mentors and mentees how to effectively advantage students for their spiritual/counseling, educational and professional training.



Group 4:


PCM Chaplains Endorsement


  • Public Campus Ministry has specific training guidelines and a certification process of Chaplains and PCM practitioners (candidates/interns) recommended to the Division PCM/AMICUS committees and/or Adventist PCM Associations.


  • (GC Working Policy FA30 Ecclesiastical Endorsement.)
    • Hold a Ministerial license or Commissioned Ministerial credentials and in regular standing of the Seventh-day Adventist church.
    • With a recommended 2 years of pastoral experience, or a proven equivalency, as determined by the ACM committee.
    • Note – change “minimum” to “recommended.” Delete – post-graduation.


  • General Conference consider including under the categories of endorsement candidate chaplains or intern chaplains.


Group 6:


GC PCM Follow ME/Dialogue/Division PCM Manuals:


  • Recommend a brochure and a manual/handbook that is also available online to be prepared by PCM with the content suggested.


  • Recommend a further engaging dialogue about the roles of PCM website and the “updated Dialogue journal.”




Group 7:


PCM Adventist Identity Infusion

  • GC PCM to make available a curriculum in collaboration with the Division and other Departments for mission/service on Public Campuses.


  • Design a PCM leaders kit including condensed information about: ideas for on campus and community service directory of resources by category
calendar with worldwide events and cultural awareness tips.


  • GC PCM to develop a mission service model that includes a vision and rationale for systematic projects and a yearly theme.


  • Develop a multiplatform marketing and informational material for PCM chapters
  • (Print, video, podcast, social network profiles )


Group 8:


  • We recommend that the Youth Department and Public Campus Ministries collaborate to produce a leadership development programme specifically for students. This would focus on Adventist identity, heritage (particularly the founder’s young leadership) and apologetics.


  • We recommend that AVS and Public Campus Ministries collaborate to create a short term mission track where students can be involved in exchange programs between campuses in order to partner with them in engaging in evangelism and service.


  • We recommend that there is specific training for pastors and local churches to build confidence in University students regarding their Adventist identity.


To better achieve all these goals


Produce a handbook that is also available online that is prepared by the GC PCM office.(6.1)


Set up a GC PCM advisory consisting of a representative group of students and chaplains from the world field, to assist the PCM director in his leadership functions.


Request that 25% of the 2015 GC Session at San Antonio youth/children “Give Them the Keys” offering, be set aside  for the development PCM grass root mission projects.



For the first time, the General Conference under the leadership of the recently appointed Public Campus Ministry Director Jiwan Moon will be holding a Summit & Symposium entitled: “Transforming Adventist Students into Campus Missionaries” — Character, Collaboration, Challenge.

The summit and symposium will take place at the Church’s headquarters in Silver Spring, MD from March 4-8 with presentations from leaders in the world field, two messages from the General Conference President Ted Wilson, and breakout sessions.

The event will be streamed live through Hope TV.  The schedule can be viewed here: GC PCM Summit Symposium Schedule.

The breakout sessions will address various topics from titles, certifications, and endorsements to manuals and church involvement.  To view the session topics: breakout sessions group internal list.

Israel Ramos will be presenting for CAMPUS as a special invitee: MODEL OF SYSTEMATIC PUBLIC CAMPUS MINISTRY FOR THE SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST LOCAL CONFERENCE.  His paper and presentation will follow in a later post.


To view a list of the delegates and invitees:  GCPCM15-GC PCM Summit Symposium Delegates List.

Please pray for this summit and symposium.


From February 22-28, CAMPUS Resident Jermaine Gayle held a Bible Lecture Series or Evangelistic Series on the campus of Michigan Technological University in partial fulfillment of his residency requirements.  In preparation for the meetings, the two residents have had to do door-to-door visitations in weather well below freezing.  The meetings were well attended and people were blessed by his presentations.  Due to weather difficulties, Pr. Israel Ramos’ flight was turned back, unable to land in Michigan’s UP.  However, Pr. Andy Im was able to make it to the meetings and support Jermaine and Jorge during the weeklong evangelistic meetings.  Please continue to pray for our residents and the students they are ministering to on the Michigan Tech campus and the Houghton UCHURCH.


The CAMPUS Winter Retreat at Camp Au Sable hosted nearly 90 college and university students from Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Sebastien Braxton, former president of Eastern Michigan University’s student group, and former CAMPUS & STRIDE director was the featured speaker.  Andy Im gave two presentations on Adventist Apologetics and Israel Ramos lead out in morning worship.  Topics surrounding the theme addressed God’s ideal established in the beginning and His plan for us to remain in His ideal even now.  Join us for LEADS, our next event scheduled in July 24-26.