Planning for the future

Planning for the future

Surrounded by the beauty of Camp Au Sable, CAMPUS staff met, at the close of June, to pray and plan for the coming academic year. It was a time of spiritual renewal and convivial camaraderie – we sensed the presence of the Lord!

In a couple of weeks, we will kick off the year with our leadership training program: We’re excited about what the Lord will do for, and in us, this year, as we prepare secular universities for the imminent return of Christ. We humbly expect great things because we serve a great God!

CAMPUS l.e.a.d.s. 2016

CAMPUS l.e.a.d.s. 2016

You will  not want to miss this year’s leadership, education and development seminar for all Adventist students attending secular universities and colleges! Networking and team-building activities will characterize the first portion to be held at Camp Au Sable, and the training will continue in conjunction with the iShare conference at Great Lakes Adventist Academy over the weekend: July 27-31.

Visit the FaceBook event or simply click here to register now!



The Michigan Conference Executive Committee has appointed Pastor Andy Im to serve as the new Director of Communications for Michigan.  Although Andy remains an integral part of CAMPUS, he now fills the vacancy left by Justin Kim who accepted a call as the Assistant Director for Sabbath School and Personal Ministries at the General Conference.  Andy’s passion for photography and keen understanding of social media trends will take his department to the next level.  We look forward to God’s blessings in the upcoming years!


From February 12-14, CAMPUS will be holding its Winter Retreat under the theme: SEXUAL BY DESIGN.  Sexuality is a topic that is often neglected in Christian (and especially) Adventist circles.  Among other things, the retreat will address our need to speak about sexuality and the Bible, provide professional counseling for people who have sexually related struggles, and address biblical sexuality.

Plan to be there and invite your friends!


Pastor Andy Im will be speaking at GYC in Louisville, KY on the topic of Adventist Apologetics as a workshop presenter from December 30 to January 3.

In the last couple of years, CAMPUS has increased its interest in this important topic and is in the process of developing the Institute of Adventist Apologetics under Im’s leadership.  With a degree in Political Science from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and an MA in Theology, Andy Im has a passion for explaining Scriptural Adventism in a way that is intellectually satisfying.

He has struck a cord speaking on this topic in various university venues across the nation, deepening the legitimacy of this type of resource for Adventist students on college campuses.

GYC has been known for addressing the needs of students on public college campuses.  CAMPUS is the birthplace of GYC.  Andy Im and Justin Kim both serve on the board of directors and direct CAMPUS.  Thus, CAMPUS is excited of this opportunity to share on this topic in December.

At the upcoming annual convention in Kentucky, Moise Ratsara will replace Natasha Neblett, becoming the fifth president of GYC.  He is a host for CAMPUS Ministerial Residents in Jackson, MI and is married to Amy Ratsara (Sheppard), a graduate of the University of Michigan (History) and University of Virginia (Law) and the CAMPUS Missionary Training Program.


In November CAMPUS Directors met with Michigan Conference officers in preparation for an upcoming Board of Directors Meeting on November 30th.

The Board Meeting will review last year’s growth and will also make recommendations to set up Public Campus Ministry for further growth and success.  Recommendations will include adding key board members from the Youth Department and Education Department for more effectiveness and to better mirror the AMiCUS Committees at the General Conference and other World Divisions.  Another recommendation will be to adopt an official Public Campus Ministry structure for the local conference with includes a Public Campus Ministry Advisory composed of: local church pastors, Adventist student organization presidents, and lay Public Campus Ministry Coordinators.

The structure is a very important practical step for Public Campus Ministry.  One element that makes us different from other campus ministries is our church structure.  If PCM will thrive in the Adventist Church it must fall under a structure that is financially viable and practical for conference presidents and executive committees.  The proposed structure ensures that funds are maximized and ministry responsibilities streamlined within an already existing conference structure.

The CAMPUS Report is included in the prezi below: