ministerial residency program



Learn how to do effective evangelism within a secular university context.


Learn how to study, develop and preach the Scriptures in a winsome manner.


Learn how to lead different individuals in the ministry.


Learn how to manage time and prioritize in ministry.



During this period the resident will be evaluated based on the knowledge and experience he already possesses.

Demonstrate a proper understanding of required readings

Current understanding of church ministry

Work ethic and people management

Ability to gain and keep Bible study interests

Ability to keep up with the reading program while being involved in other residency activities


This period constitutes the major part of the residency. As residents demonstrate a good work ethic and the ability to keep up with the program, less formal examinations will be required and more focus will be given on developing the individual’s personal strengths and weaknesses.

Residents must show promise in their ability to develop, both their preaching abilities and understanding of public campus ministry and local church dynamics


Residents must demonstrate an ability to fulfill the responsibilities of a pastor on their own and a final cumulative examination must be passed.

Grading: This is a pass/fail program.  The program is designed to test the resident’s fitness for ministry and the ability to grow before the end of the program and to help the student successfully finish the residency.

Residents must demonstrate the ability to think critically and reach work beyond the duties assigned

Residents must clearly demonstrate strengths in soul-winning

Residents must lead souls to Christ through baptism during their tenure


Become a Ministerial Resident today and join the movement.


The purpose of the Residency program is simple: to prepare successful public campus ministry pastors.  This one-year program is designed for students preparing for pastoral ministry.  The student will serve as a ministerial resident in a university church setting and will obtain hands-on training on how to be an effective soul-winner, minister, and Bible student. The program is designed to be vigorous – if you can succeed in this program you can be sure to expect success in your future pastoral ministry.  Upon graduation, each resident will excel in the following:

Every pastor is a Soul Winner 

Every pastor must be a soul-winner.  Ministry Residents will maintain and execute a strong plan for soul-winning: searching for and finding Bible study contacts, giving effective Bible studies, and gaining decisions for baptism.

Every Pastor is a Preacher of the Word 

How you understand, articulate, and preach the Word will ultimately determine the success of your destiny – both eternally and pastorally.  Preaching is an essential part of church ministry.  Learning how to fight (or preach) in your own armor is a process that requires patience, practice, and personal effort.  This program will provide participants with the opportunity to develop and execute a sermonic calendar in a church and campus ministry context.

Every Pastor is a Leader

Leading a church requires careful balance and personnel management.  A church is not an organized army of soldiers trained to blindly follow their general to the very end.  It is – in some cases – a multitude of individuals that will not move forward unless the leader has earned their trust and respect.  A lack of effective leadership has left a bad taste in the mouths of many churches and pastors.  The residency program is designed to give participants a hands-on course on effective leadership.

Every Pastor must be Efficient, Effective, and Focused

One of the key reasons why many pastors do not successfully survive their first district is due to a lack of time management.  Whether you are pastoring a multiple church district or a larger congregation, knowing how to prioritize and structure your time is key.  If you were to add the responsibility of incorporating a public campus ministry to your local church ministry you would be faced with what appears to be a great challenge.  Ministerial Residents will encounter a rigorous schedule designed to test their call to ministry and to prepare future pastors for the rigors and blessings of the pastorate.



Price covers expenses for the year including conferences, lodging and more.



Price covers expenses for the year including program materials, ministry expenses and more.


(East Lansing)

Price covers expenses for the year including program materials, classes, ministry expense and more.



Become a Ministerial Resident today and join the movement.