CAMPUS Program Details

General Information

Holidays & Breaks  

Breaks such as Thanksgiving and Christmas are factored into the program. Please see the schedule for details.

Dress Code 

Modest and tasteful apparel should be worn, representative of the occasion or event. Regarding the dress code, common sense goes a long way. Sabbath attire must be appropriate. If possible, gentlemen should wear suits on Sabbath and other appropriate occasions.

Responsibilities & Expectations

Personal Commitment and Devotional Life

The key to excellence at CAMPUS begins with a commitment to prayer, Bible study, and personal reflection. As Ellen White wrote, “The subjects treated upon in the Word of God, the dignified simplicity of its utterance, the noble themes which it presents to the mind, develop faculties in man which cannot otherwise be developed…the student will come from a contemplation of its grand themes, from association with its lofty imagery, more pure and elevated in thought and feeling…” (Mind Character Personality, pg. 92) We, therefore, encourage each missionary to view their devotional time as a God-given blessing and not just a requirement.

Summer Programs

Incoming Missionaries are encouraged to participate in either a summer canvassing program through Michigan Youth Rush or summer camp at Au Sable, which generally goes from May to August each year.


Interns are required to develop plans and ideas for evangelism along with the help of the university students and CAMPUS staff in the hope of accomplishing two things. First, to reclaim former Adventists who are studying on the college campus. Second, to win students to Christ who are not Seventh-day Adventists.

“One soul for whom Christ has died is worth more than the whole world.” Our High Calling, p. 98

“One soul saved in the kingdom of God is worth more than ten thousand worlds like this.” Review and Herald, April 1, 1880 par. 1

“One soul is of infinite value: for Calvary speaks its worth. One soul, won to the truth, will be instrumental in winning others, and there will be an ever-increasing result of blessing and salvation.” Christian Service, p. 121

To reach the above goal, we have structured our program to cover these areas of evangelism.

Personal Evangelism

One significant and pivotal aspect of personal evangelism is coming close to people and reaching their hearts through the teaching of the written Word. Personal Evangelism events can include small group Bible studies, one on one Bible studies, CAMPUS house activities, and student group activities.

Field Evangelism

Field evangelism includes going on the university site to connect with students, make friends, invite people to upcoming events, and make requests for personal Bible studies.


Reclamation involves seeking out Seventh-day Adventist or former Seventh-day Adventist students who are currently studying on the University site with the intent to re-connect them to the local student group and the local church. When interacting with these students, remember to use a winsome, loving, Christlike approach in place of one that is condemnatory or judgmental.

Public Evangelism

Public evangelism covers all outreach events that are either hosted or sponsored by CAMPUS throughout the year. Interns are encouraged to invite their evangelism contacts to these events.

Hosted Events: High School and College Retreat (Hi-C), Winter Retreat, Weekend Retreats, Collegiate Sabbath
Sponsored Events: CRAVE, GYC.


Monday Morning Reports
Morning reports will be held weekly on Mondays to discuss the previous week’s work, classes, evangelism, challenges, etc., and to catch up on necessary items for the day.  Morning Reports start at 9:00 am in the program director’s office. Interns are required to attend these meetings.

Monthly Check-ins
The program director will schedule monthly meetings with each intern to assist in strengthening and fulfilling individual goals for success in ministry and overall development.

Tuition & Fees

Application Fee

All incoming interns must submit a fee of $55.00 along with the application to be considered. This fee covers the cost of processing the application and is not refundable.

Program Payment

Incoming applicants must pay a total of $4,500 before the program commences, the remaining balance of $2,950 should be covered at the end of the second summer. Thus, a total of $7,450 will be paid to cover all expenses for the missionary year.

Program Policies


Interns must attend all scheduled classes, field schools, meetings, and outreach projects unless permission of absence is given prior. Habitual tardiness and absences are unacceptable and will be addressed.

Free Time

Free time has been incorporated into the Internship program. Leaves of absence are discouraged and may affect the performance of program participants. Please refer to  Important Dates  for holiday leaves.


Due to the intense nature of this program, intimate relationships are not encouraged. Extended visitations of a personal nature may interfere with responsibilities and should be limited, or, if possible, postponed until the conclusion of the program.

Why do we uphold a no dating policy throughout the missionary year? Dating is strongly discouraged during the MTP because of the intensity of the program. We believe that it is not possible to be successful as a CAMPUS Intern while maintaining a relationship of this nature.  Additionally, becoming a missionary is done out of dedication to God. With this dedication, we understand that this requirement is not beyond reach. We are advised by Ellen White that,

“When a conference selects young men and women, and aids them in obtaining an education for the canvassing field or any other branch of the work, there should be an understanding as to what they propose to do, whether they design to engage in courtship and marriage, or to labor for the advancement of the cause of truth. It is no use to spend time and money in the education of workers who will fall in love before they complete their education.” Fundamentals of Christian Education, p. 62

Furthermore, because the nature of the program involves both males and females working together, we advise that caution and proper boundaries be established. We advise that Interns:

  1. Never stay alone with one person of the opposite sex in a space that is not public.   
  2. Create a high standard of professionalism while interacting with those of the opposite sex.   

The Sabbath

The Sabbath hours are dedicated to spiritual refreshment. Missionaries are to guard the Sabbath hours and sacredly observe them. Secular activities should be avoided. Attendance to worship is required unless other arrangements have been made prior.

Preparing for Sabbath: The CAMPUS house should be especially neat and tidy before sunset on Friday evenings. In preparation for the Sabbath, a thorough cleaning should be done on Friday.  Chores should be assigned and equally distributed to each person. A schedule rotation helps to ensure equal distribution of work and helps each person to become well-versed in cleaning.

Restfulness: We strongly encourage missionaries to maintain an atmosphere of spiritual conversation and spiritual activities during the Sabbath hours. Spiritual activities include exploring nature, spending extra time reading the Bible, singing hymns, and spiritual songs. The Sabbath gives us the privilege to draw closer to Jesus and receive an extra blessing.

Health & Temperance

CAMPUS programs are designed to encourage and inspire participants to be healthy throughout the missionary year. Having a healthy body and mind leads to a higher level of service. Ellen White reminds us,

“Those who understand the laws of health and who are governed by principle will shun the extremes both of indulgence and of restriction. Their diet is chosen, not for the mere gratification of appetite, but for the upbuilding of the body. They seek to preserve every power for the highest service to God and man.” Mind, Character, and Personality Vol. 2, p. 395

We, therefore, encourage the following:

Curfew — Have regular hours for sleeping at night, preferably before 10:30 pm, and regular waking hours in the morning.

Eating Habits — All grocery and meals purchased for the CAMPUS Missionary Training Program must be vegetarian.

Exercise — Add exercise as a daily routine. It invigorates the body and strengthens the mind.


CAMPUS reserves the right to expel any student, without refund, who consistently fails to abide by the policies and guidelines of the MTP. Interns who behave in a manner that is not consistent with the example of Christ or the beliefs and practices of the Seventh-day Adventist Church will be dismissed from the program. It is our commitment that all Interns will be treated in an appropriate and understanding manner.

Breach of policy, misbehavior, or lack of adherence throughout the CAMPUS program will prompt the following disciplinary measures:

  • First:  A meeting will be scheduled with the Program Director and the individual to reconcile.
  • Second:  A written warning will be given if the behavior persists. The Program Director will give this written warning in the form of a printed document.
  • Third:  If further action is needed, a written notice will be sent to the Governing Board.
  • Fourth:  If the behavior continues, there will be a formal notice of dismissal from the program.


Meals are an essential part of your experience at CAMPUS. The following policies will help to ensure that all your food needs are cared for efficiently and cost-effectively. CAMPUS will provide funds and bulk food items for the CAMPUS House. Our priority is to provide healthy food. However, purchasing requests for specific items may be granted based on the consensus of the entire group.

A food allowance will be provided to help purchase perishable or special food items. It should be used carefully and only when all other perishable foods have been eaten from the previous purchase. It is recommended that one or two persons be delegated to purchase food regularly and with the consent of all other members of the team. 

Each person is responsible for his/her meal preparation.