“The first work to be done in a Christian home is to see that the spirit of Christ abides there, that every member of the household may be able to take his cross and follow where Jesus leads the way.”Adventist Home pg. 20. The CAMPUS house is the perfect place to start implementing the principles of the home ministry. While working as a team, each occupant is to ensure that the atmosphere tells of Jesus’ love for others. This is the first place for ministering, and if this work is rightfully done, there will be guaranteed success in evangelism efforts.  

House Worships

Please make it a goal to have regular house worships each week. This will help to facilitate a spiritual atmosphere. Make it simple, even if it is just praying together, singing a few songs, or reading scripture as a group before going to bed. Worships become the bonding agent in the home if done regularly.  

House Meetings

House meetings will be held with the program director twice each month for about one hour. Members of all CAMPUS programs must be present as this will enable all to address pending concerns and give suggestions for improvement.  

Household Duties

Household duties will be assigned to each person by the program director or assigned leader. This includes cleaning areas within and around the CAMPUS house.  


For all to have access to laundry facilities at the CAMPUS house, a schedule should be followed. Each room should have an assigned day to do laundry, or speak to assigned house leader if there are further questions.


CAMPUS House parking includes five (5) spaces in the front driveway and the three (3) spaces behind the house. The three spaces behind the house are reserved for program directors. Please use caution when entering and exiting the driveway and park your vehicle with the consideration of the driveway’s space limitations. Any vehicle not parked in the driveway will be ticketed by local law enforcement. There is a one-hour parking limit on Ann Street on snow days. In the event of snow accumulation, all parking areas and walkways should be cleared by 8:00 am the following day. Parking fees and tickets are the responsibility of the driver. 

CAMPUS House Map

Throughout the year, the goal is to maintain the CAMPUS house as much as possible. Maintenance means that all rooms must be kept clean and orderly. The program director and assigned house leader will check up on others, ensuring that areas are used in an appropriate manner. House rules must always be followed. There is a possibility of impromptu tours when requested by out of town visitors and supporters.  Keeping the facility neat and tidy always makes for a good witness. 

Ground floor will be designated for general use only. 

Upper floor is designated as rooms for program participants.

Principles of House Governance 

All interns must abide by facility agreement to maintain an orderly and functional program. Only members of the CAMPUS Governing Board can change house rules listed on the agreement. Program participants, however, are welcome to present suggestions.

Additionally, we understand that rules without a clear understanding can be burdensome and can create conflicts. The guidelines for the CAMPUS house were formulated based on the following principles.


Christians need to demonstrate by his or her actions that a renewed heart also means a renewed life. Since every aspect of our lives attests to our walk with Christ, all should manifest the best attitude toward cleanliness. Ellen White reminds us that,

“Order is heaven’s first law, and the Lord desires His people to give in their homes a representation of the order and harmony that pervade the heavenly courts. Truth never places her delicate feet in a path of uncleanness or impurity. Truth does not make men and women course or rough and untidy.” Mind, Character, and Personality Vol. 1, p. 17


“God looks with disfavor on uncleanness of any kind. How can we invite Him into our homes unless all is neat and clean and pure?” Mind, Character, and Personality Vol. 1, p. 177

  • Indoor/Outdoor shoes — Walking through CAMPUS house with shoes worn outside is prohibited. Please wear indoor shoes or slippers instead.
  • Making Beds — Beds are to be made, and the rooms must be tidy throughout the day. Taking the step to make beds after waking up prepares and motivates individuals toward a productive day.
  • Clean-up after yourself — Do not leave dish-ware in the sink or on counters, wash them immediately after use. Wipe down kitchen counters and put things in their proper places. Place trash in designated areas.

Respecting Others and Property

Respect is a necessary part of being a leader and is necessary for inspiring others to lead. Since respect is a behavior that continues throughout time, we encourage program participants to always be respectful of others. Respect means listening and caring genuinely, and it also means sacrifice. With respect, it is necessary that we treat others with kindness, not being rude, harsh, or insulting, but seeking to understand and adjust where principles are not at stake. Here are a few things to keep in mind. 

  • Noise level — Keep personal conversations and music at a volume that will not force others to listen.
  • Damages to property — All CAMPUS property is paid for by the Lord’s providence. Please be mindful of this when using facilities.
  • Saving energy — Turn lights, electronic devices, fans, heaters, and unplug devices that are not in use.
  • Personal vehicles — Do not drive someone else’s vehicle without their consent.
  • Music and entertainment — Be respectful in choices of music. Music of secular nature is not allowed at the CAMPUS house.
  • Quiet hours — It is essential that the quiet hour rule is maintained. The CAMPUS house should be quiet between the hours of 10:30 pm-6:00 am. This means that all events and programs should end before 10:30 pm. 


Safety is an essential part of our program. Thus, we ask everyone to abide by the following: 

  • Locking doors — Doors must be locked between the hours of 10:30 PM – 7:00 AM.
  • Visitors — All visitors must be pre-approved before staying at the CAMPUS house.
  • Emergency — In case of emergency, ensure that the program director is immediately informed.
  • Vacating — All occupants must leave the CAMPUS House after their program has ended.
  • Sleep-overs — All sleepovers must be pre-approved by the program director. No individual of the opposite sex can stay at the CAMPUS house overnight.