CAMPUS Curriculum


The CAMPUS Internship will include a variety of challenging courses designed to equip each intern for greater effectiveness in ministry. Classes will meet four times weekly from Tuesday to Thursday for approximately three (3) hours each day. 


Apologetics deals with the standard arguments against God and how to rightfully answer the issues regarding suffering, evil, and the existence of God.  

Bible Doctrines 

Bible Doctrine examines the fundamental beliefs of the Christian faith through an in-depth study of the Bible. This class also covers hard-to-understand biblical texts, concepts, and their apparent contradictions.   

Character Development 

Character Development examines what it means to reflect the image of God. Through an in-depth study of the Spirit of Prophecy, this class highlights what it means to be a Christian in an un-Christlike world.  

Christology & Soteriology 

Christology and Soteriology systematically analyze the essential doctrines of Christianity and their bearing on our salvation.  


Education reviews what the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy teaches about “the harmonious development of the physical, the mental, and the spiritual powers.” Education pg. 13  

Ethics & Worldview 

Ethics and Worldview evaluates the philosophical and theological framework of secularists and the evangelistic methods to reach different worldview with the gospel. 


Hermeneutics covers the principles of proper Biblical interpretation and the steps needed for compelling Bible studies and exegesis.  


Homiletics serves to develop the art of communicating the gospel through various forms. Homiletics is the sure way to improve the ability to do worship talks and deliver sermons that cover a wide range of biblical topics.  


Leadership examines the biblical principles and styles governing leadership, and the proper application of these principles in our current world.  

Personal Spirituality 

Personal Spirituality covers the process of character development, the most significant work given to humanity, and its practical implications in the individual life.  

Course Requirements

Reading Assignments Course Status
Persuasion (Mark Finley) Evangelism Required
Making Friends for Christ (Wayne McDill) Evangelism Required
Christian Service (Ellen G.White) Evangelism Required
Dedication and Leadership (Douglas Hyde) Leadership Required
Confronting Without Offending (Deborah Smith Pegues) Leadership Required
Education (Ellen G. White) Character Required
Mind, Character, and Personality Vol. 1 and 2 (Ellen G. White) Character Required
Prayer (Ellen G. White) Spirituality Required
Absolute Surrender (Andrew Murray) Spirituality Required
Classes Hours Status
Friendship Evangelism 24 Required
Hermeneutics 48 Required
Christology & Soteriology  12 Required
Character Development 24 Required
Innovative Ministry 12 Required
SDA Doctrines 12 Required
Personal Spirituality 24 Required
Ethics and Worldview 12 Required
Faith and Science 12 Required
Adventist Community Service 12 Required
Leadership 24 Required
Homiletics 12 Required
Education 24 Required
Research Paper Writing 12 Required
Practicum Goal Status
Bible Study Appointments 10 Required

Outreach Activities

330 hours Required
Preaching Appointments 10 Required
Research Papers 1 Required
Lead a Successful Small Group 1 Required
Schedule Management (Bullet Journaling) 1 Required
Student Visitations 200 hours Required
Home Management Yes / No Required
Attend Ministerial Meetings 1 Required
Retreats Involvement/Planning
1. Bible Bootcamp
2. Collegiate Sabbaths
3. High School and College Retreat
4. GYC 
5. Winter Retreat
Yes / No Required
Demonstrates Effective Peer Leadership Yes / No Required

Two Summer Canvassing

Yes / No Waived

Intern Evaluations

Grading Policy 

Each missionary will receive a pass/fail grade for each course throughout the year and ultimately for the program. Interns who demonstrate superior devotion and diligence throughout the program will pass with “distinction.”  

Midterm Interview:  At the end of the first semester, Interns will be interviewed by the CAMPUS Governing Board. Interns will be tested during this interview and should demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the things they learned during the first semester of the program. 

Final Semester Interview: At the end of the second semester, Interns will be interviewed for a second and final time by the CAMPUS Governing Board. During this interview, each will present and defend a final paper, in addition to answering questions regarding elements of the MTP. Final grades will be given at the end of this interview. 

Final Research Project  

Prior to the final interview, each Intern will be required to submit a 10-12-page (approximately 3000 words) MLA format research paper at the end of the year. Interns should choose from the following options when selecting a topic for this project.  

1. Write a paper outlining how to start a public campus ministry. This may include your own personal experience as it relates to different strategies implemented throughout the year. The first half of the paper should clearly state the challenges of public campus ministry. The second half of the paper should have a well-formulated solution for the challenge mentioned.

2. Write a paper addressing a major challenge to the Christian faith from modern culture. This may be the problem of evil, the problem of pluralism, or any other problem in which there is an interest for you. The first half of the paper should describe as clearly as possible the challenge being addressed, citing, where necessary, proponents of the challenge. The second half should be a well formulated response to the challenge from a Christian perspective.

3. Write a paper addressing a distinctive doctrine of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. This may be the high-priestly ministry of Christ, the non-immortality of the soul, the Sabbath, the Second Coming, and so on. The first half of the paper must describe the challenges and objections to the doctrine, clearly citing proponents of the challenge. The second half of the paper should have a well-formulated response to the challenge from a biblical perspective.

Papers should be double spaced with appropriate footnotes and bibliography. Please see Important Dates for project deadlines.