God Can Work Through Sinners: A Residence Story
April 16, 2020
By Editorial Team
Austin and Grady at his baptism

As the end of the residency program begins to slow down, Grady Yonas never planned to end his year with such a dramatic change. Due to Covid-19 the campus of MSU is now closed and most students have gone home. However, Grady is still very active in ministry.

One of our former missionaries, Alex Delaola introduced his brother, Austin to Grady at the beginning of the school year. Early on Austin felt the Holy Spirit calling him to be baptized and made a decision on the connect cards after CRAVE. However, many ‘thorns’ got in the way like a busy schedule and life, preventing Ausin from starting Bible studies. Through the prompting of his brother, Austin made the trip to GYC. 

Austin attended an evangelism workshop by Sam Walters during GYC and was deeply convicted he needed to be a missionary. He not only made a stand for baptism, he committed to living a life of service to Christ. Once Austin returned from GYC, Grady began to study with him, twice a week. He developed index cards for Revelation 12, made illustrations to explain the 2300 day prophecy, and created a storyboard of salvation through John 8. 

Although Grady recommends studying with people once a week to allow them time to search God’s Word, the timing Austin was perfect due to the outbreak of covid-19 and he was a diligent student, applying what God was showing him. In order to prevent the spread, the UChurch opted to baptize people on different weeks and limit the number of people present. Though there were others scheduled to be baptized with Austin, he was the only one baptized on March 21, 2020. 

Through the process, Grady shared “it very important to see the topic from the person’s background. For example when I study another friend, he shared that his ADD prevents him from processing large amounts of information. So I have had to restructure the Bible studies so he can remember.” This young man is currently telling his homeless friend who needs the hope found in the Bible studies, seeking to connect his friend with Grady to start studying. 

When asked what he has learned so far, Grady stated “Our mighty God can work through a sinner. I am humbled to see that God can use me, as a sinner, as a tool to reach others. This needs to be my mentality when I work for God!” 

The best part of the Residency program is working with the local church, having an opportunity to preach, use the gifts God has given him in media, music and teaching .He has been able to work with the local UChurch media team to share messages of hope during this crisis. 

After he completes his residency requirements and graduates from Hartland college, he plans to serve as a CAMPUS Fellow. He feels being a Fellow is a unique opportunity to grow, and to work in a family atmosphere, a family who have the same purpose, reaching the secular campuses for Christ’s soon return. He recommends the CAMPUS Residency program as the best opportunity for training in soul winning, preaching, managing time and money. 

Grady Yonas is currently serving as a Pastoral Resident in the CAMPUS Missionary Training Program. So his residency completes the requirements of Hartland College for his degree in Pastoral Evangelism. He also will be graduating with an associate degree in Christian Media Ministry.

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