March 3, 2015
By admin

For the first time, the General Conference under the leadership of the recently appointed Public Campus Ministry Director Jiwan Moon will be holding a Summit & Symposium entitled: “Transforming Adventist Students into Campus Missionaries” — Character, Collaboration, Challenge.

The summit and symposium will take place at the Church’s headquarters in Silver Spring, MD from March 4-8 with presentations from leaders in the world field, two messages from the General Conference President Ted Wilson, and breakout sessions.

The event will be streamed live through Hope TV.  The schedule can be viewed here: GC PCM Summit Symposium Schedule.

The breakout sessions will address various topics from titles, certifications, and endorsements to manuals and church involvement.  To view the session topics: breakout sessions group internal list.

Israel Ramos will be presenting for CAMPUS as a special invitee: MODEL OF SYSTEMATIC PUBLIC CAMPUS MINISTRY FOR THE SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST LOCAL CONFERENCE.  His paper and presentation will follow in a later post.


To view a list of the delegates and invitees:  GCPCM15-GC PCM Summit Symposium Delegates List.

Please pray for this summit and symposium.

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