July 25, 2014
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Draft of the University Church Master Plan of Evangelism (2014-2017)



  • Focus on Workers: Leverage and train current Adventist students, new converts, and members to become workers (soul winners)



  • Bible University” – every convert will be enrolled in Bible University  (TCC in University context) where Pastors/Elders will become a coach in classroom and field. There will be two phases of training one for becoming a worker and advanced training for after becoming a worker.
  • Utilize small groups as connecting point in evangelism cycle
  • Utilize current MI conference departments in evangelism cycle to accelerate the process such as: summer LE program and Emmanuel Institute


Goal to have 80 active workers in 5 Years and 1 church plant on campus

  • with a 75% increase each year (factoring in 25% loss each year from graduations and transfers)
  • each convert will be trained as a worker
  • each worker will win one person per year


5-Year Plan for Workers

2014 – 15 Workers

2015 – 25 Workers and Two Church Services

2016 – 45 Workers


2017 – 80 Workers and large-scale Evangelistic Series


Annual Cycle of Evangelism in University Church Context at MSU

(based on semester system cycle)


Stage 1September

Focus: Identification of Interests

  • Cold
  • Social circle of Adventist students
  • Freshman

Events in Sept:

  • Welcome Sabbath Weekend first Sabbath of school year where students can invite their friends to church.
  • Mass door to door in student housing first 4 Sabbaths of September
  • Surveys at Student Union on Fridays
  • Surveys at freshman dorms weekly
  • Personal listing of contacts among students
  • Training on how to give personal invitation and surveys with hands-on coaches in field
  • Organized prayer for contacts by name

Goal: Mass blitz of campus for gathering interests and specific target of freshman


Stage 2October – November

Focus: Invitation and Integration

  • Bible study
  • Church attendance
  • Small groups


Goal: Have all “A” interests in all three above by Thanksgiving

Event: Campus Fall Retreat


Stage 3Thanksgiving – February

Focus: Decisions

  • Accept Christ as Savior and Lord
  • Keeping Sabbath
  • Baptism


Gain the 3 decisions above in “A” interests by end of January



  • Organized prayer for every contact
  • Advanced training on how to gain decisions
  • Altar call for specific decisions above every Sabbath sermon
  • Revival meeting just before Thanksgiving
  • GYC sponsorship in December
  • Reaping meeting in February
  • Campus Winter Retreat



Stage 4 – March – August

Focus: Discipleship

  • Fast Class during Sabbath School
  • Wednesday Discipleship Class


  • Canvassing in summers in Michigan Conference LE programs
  • Emmanuel Institute 10-day Program for select leaders


Stage 5

Worker (Repeat and Enlarge)

  • Weekly upper level discipleship in advanced training and leadership as a soul winner
  • Church positions of leadership
  • Regular meetings to go over interests
  • Develop a league of souls winners/workers sold on overall vision


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