June 24, 2014
By Israel Ramos

CAMPUS congratulates pastors Steven Conway and Kenn Dixon on their recent ordination to the gospel ministry.

Elder Dixon came to CAMPUS in 2002 as a Missionary Intern in Ann Arbor, leaving behind a successful business in teaching gymnastics.  After completing his year as a missionary, he stayed on as staff serving as leader of Campus HOPE — the University of Michigan’s on-campus fellowship.  He was instrumental in developing a church structure for the growing student group and provided pastoral ministry to Adventist and non-Adventist students on campus.  Kenn’s ministry includes work in education as well.  He worked as a teacher in Ohio and Massachusetts.  Currently, Kenn serves as pastor of the Casalita Drive Seventh-day Adventist Church and as Communication and Media Relations Director for the Southwest Region Conference.  He and his wife Catherine–a nurse–have three children.

Elder Conway came to CAMPUS in 2006 to provide pastoral care for the Campus HOPE Fellowship.  Under his leadership, the group experienced the greatest growth since it first began 1999.  Prior to his arrival to Michigan, Steven and his wife Tammy worked in Tennessee where he served as boy’s dean and bible teacher.  He also worked in New York as a youth pastor for several years.  Currently, Pastor Conway serves the Detroit area while Tammy operates a home business and homeschool’s their four children.

Elders Conway and Dixon represent five ordained ministers who have roots in CAMPUS.  Currently, CAMPUS has nine full-time pastors in active ministry and three departmental directors.

On behalf of our team, we congratulate these two families and wish them God’s richest blessings in their future ministry.

2 Timothy 3:16-4:5

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