February 6, 2014
By Israel Ramos

On February 4, 2014, Bill Nye and Ken Ham debated Creation versus Evolution.

The debate started by each person giving a presentation stating their respective positions.  Following the initial presentation, each had the opportunity to rebuttal.  Finally, the audience was able to ask questions to each of the presenters.

Overall, the debate was okay.  Nothing was really extraordinary.  There were, however, some interesting perspectives and ideas that emerged.  For example, Ken Ham discussed a Creation Chiasm in which the Calvary takes a central point.  The issue of religious liberty also took an interesting perspective.

The best part of the debate, in my view, was the questions from the audience.  I thought that each community posed good, thoughtful questions.  The weakest part of the debate was the rebuttals.  The presenters seemed to argue their respective points, rarely addressing the other’s questions.

Bill Nye never addressed Ken Ham’s question on how energy can produce reason.  Ken Ham never attempted to answer Nye’s requests for scientific predictions based on his creation world view.

According to Nye’s worldview, of the greatest advantages of evolution over creation is its ability to make reliable predictions based on present observation.  In other words, the observation of a star’s current course and trajectory speed is not just enough to trace back the star’s journey for millions of years back, but also millions of years forward.

My question for Nye would have been: Do you believe that the possibility exists for the fittest to ultimately find an answer to conquer death itself?

Here’s the video.

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