December 13, 2013
By Israel Ramos

So many things to be thankful for throughout this year.  In no particular order, these are the top 10

1.  Andy Im

We were really sad to see Sebastien and Sikhu move on to continue their studies at Andrews.  Both of these individuals have been foundational in CAMPUS and in ministry to secular universities.  Although they are still part of our team in many ways, they no longer work on our full-time paid staff.  Andy Im (along with his wife Laura), was a huge answer to prayer!  His experience as chair of a religion department has played a big role in the creation of our CAMPUS Residency and the fine-tuning of our Internship.  Additionally, his leadership in the establishment of Bonders has placed us on a successful path towards a powerful ministry for young professionals and their families.

Our new emphasis on young professionals has been a tremendous blessing to our UCHURCH congregation, attracting many young professionals and benefiting from their talents and commitment.

2.  SEAL Team

During the summer, the Specialized Evangelism Advancement Leadership Team spent more than 10 weeks in East Lansing establishing contacts with the community.  The new program combined canvassing ministry, health seminars and coaching, and Bible work.  Seeking innovative methods of biblical evangelism, the team laid the foundation for our residents’ ministry, small groups, and Randy Skeete meetings.


The University Seventh-day Adventist Church in East Lansing is booming.  Thousands of people are constantly tuning in through our various media outlets.  In cooperation with CAMPUS and Bonders, we are exploring ways to expand our ministry.  In the next year, we are looking to establish a training center that will offer academic courses to students at MSU in the areas of theology, philosophy, hermeneutics, and more.  The courses will be offered as training to Adventist students enrolled in public universities, as well as a new evangelistic approach to non-Adventists who are interested in these very relevant topics.  MSU and other students will be given the opportunity to participate in a seminary-like program on a secular campus.  This new opportunity is a result of a growing relationship with UCHURCH.

4.  The Residency Program

Our two Ministerial Residents have added a new and special dynamic to CAMPUS.  This program is the most intense program that we’ve run up to this point.  Residents are literally a part of our pastoral staff’s ministry — learning in real time the ins and outs of ministry in a public university context.  This program has not only raised the bar in training public campus ministers, it has also called CAMPUS and UCHURCH to reevaluate their respective ministries and to dream bigger and bolder dreams.

5.  CAMPUS Babies

The Braxton and Kim babies have also been a highlight of our year.  We are thrilled to see our CAMPUS families growing individually, as well as corporately.  Our prayer is that God will use our families to be a blessing to many students on campus.

6.  Re-Election

In late September, the Michigan Conference Constituency voted to reelect our CAMPUS directors for another term.  We consider this an awesome privilege and are thankful to God for His grace, and to our constituents for their vote of confidence.

7.  Randy Skeete

After several years of preaching around the world, Randy Skeete returned to CAMPUS for an evangelistic revival series.  All of our small group members participated in Skeete’s meetings.  His presentations were powerful.  Some made decisions to keep the Sabbath and have been faithfully attending our church services every week.

8.  The CAMPUS House

The fact that we were able to obtain a new headquarters was in itself a miracle.  Being able to clean it up and furnish it has been an even greater blessing.  Currently, we are filled to capacity.  Watching people come in and out of this home and knowing that they are being introduced to Jesus Christ by our interns and residents brings joy to our team and has been one of this year’s highlights.

9.  Small Groups

Thanks to Gateway Adventist Centre, we adopted a new small group ministry this year.  CAMPUS has been doing small groups since it first began, but this systematic approach to small group ministry has proven to be most successful.  Three times per week, students and staff gather together for a fellowship meal and a bible study.  Many non-Adventists are enjoying the studies and faithfully participating.  A special thanks to Johnny Wong and his team for investing time into the creation of these materials and this model of ministry.

10.  Faithful Support

Without the faithful support of our friends, CAMPUS would not be what it is today.  We are thankful to God for the many people who believe in this ministry and support it financially and through prayers and encouragement.  His mercies to us have really been new every morning.  We thank Him and we also thank you.

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