December 15, 2013
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The CAMPUS Residency program is divided into three periods or phases: evaluation, didactic, and clearance.  For the third and final phase of the program, residents spend time in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where they will assist in the leadership of a two-church district on a public campus setting.  The purpose of this phase is to ensure that the residents are able to accomplish on their own, what they have been practicing in the first two phases with our CAMPUS Staff’s assistance and supervision.

While working in conjunction with the University Church in Houghton and Pastor Daniel McGrath, the residents will work with the student group and the local churches where they will preach weekly messages to the congregations, be in charge of prayer meetings, hold weekly services for the students, and preach a Bible Lecture Series on the campus of Michigan Tech.

All of their module training up to his point has been to make them successful in this phase of fulfilling pastoral responsibilities without direct supervision.  The residents know how home dynamics affect public ministry, the necessary discipline to develop and effectively preach a weekly sermon, how to win souls while simultaneously running a church, and how to be a leading pastor of a congregation.  We are excited for this opportunity and eager to see how God blesses their efforts.

Here are some links to give you a picture of their life in the UP:

How to make a left turn in the UP (driving conditions & opportunities):

The best food shopping in town:

Quincy Mine (1.75 miles deep)

If you climb to the top in the evening, this is the view of beautiful view of Houghton.

Michigan Tech is known for its famous traditions of building incredible ice sculptures for its winter festival.

Here are some of last year’s sculptures:

And if you really want to go old school, here’s a video from 1928! — A lot has changed!

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