November 24, 2013
By admin

It is a sobering thought: any person that is not the child of God is rightfully under the control of Satan.  The Bible calls Satan the prince and the god of this world.  When Adam was created in the image of God, it was God’s purpose that Adam should serve as a king and a ruler.  However, when he disobeyed, he was overthrown by a new leader.

What is one of the key characteristics of Satan’s rulership?  He does not let anyone go.

What is it that God has to do in order to rescue you and me as His children?  He has to enter into Satan’s house and snatch us from his unmerciful power.  And the good news is that Christ is able!  Actually, Christ is so powerful — His credit is so good in heaven, that even prior to His death, His atonement for Abraham was honored!  In other words, Abraham was justified even before Christ actually went to the cross — that’s how powerful Christ is!

Greater is the power that is available to us through Christ, than the power of sin against us through Satan.  Listen to this powerful message (18:16) at the University Seventh-day Adventist Church Revival.

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