November 26, 2013
By admin

In the final message by Pastor Randy Skeete, he powerfully addressed the Sabbath and made an appeal for those who are not Seventh-day Adventists to attend UCHURCH at least once.  Some in the crowd responded positively.

In the New Testament, there are 8 texts that speak about the first day of the week.  None of them, even remotely signify that Sunday is the Bible Sabbath.  However, speaking conservatively, there are more than 422 historical instances where Jesus, Paul, and other biblical characters habitually kept the seventh-day Sabbath.  The question is: if you are a researcher publishing a paper, where would you say the body of evidence sides?  In this powerful defense of the Sabbath, Randy Skeete covers each of the New Testament passages speaking of the first day of the week and makes a compelling and reasonable case for the Bible Sabbath.

Watch his final presentation at the UCHURCH Revive Us Again series here (15:54):

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