November 23, 2013
By admin

The classic text: “God so loved the world that He gave…” tells us that the kind of love that God possesses is a love that acts or does.  The challenge for those who claim to love God is to produce a love similar to that of Christ — a doing love.  Experiencing salvation, or walking hand in hand with Christ requires being of one accord.  To walk with Christ requires agreeing to terms and conditions.

Many times, Christians try to create God in the image of man.  We want to walk with Christ, but on our own terms.  Thus, “our god” is one that does what we want and doesn’t do what we don’t want him to do.  But this is not the God of scripture.

Salvation requires action and doing on our part.  But what do we do to experience salvation?  Are we saved by works?  In this sermon, Randy Skeete powerfully addresses the topic of salvation.  The only difference between those who are saved and those who are not is that one is serious about Christ and the other is simply interested in some aspects of what He requires.

Special Music by Carlot Dorve (33:00)

Sermon by Pastor Skeete (42:50)

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