November 13, 2013
By admin

Dr. David R. Williams is a Seventh-day Adventist professor currently teaching at Harvard University.  Previously, he taught at the University of Michigan where he supported and served as a role model for the the Adventist student organization.  His resume is so extensive, that the abbreviated version is more than 40 pages long.  At the second annual GYC convention, Dr. Williams held a plenary session on racism in the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  Years later, GYC invited him to hold a workshop on the same topic which is available on AudioVerse.

Earlier this month, Dr. Williams received the Stephen Smith Award for Distinguished Contributions in Public Health from the New York Academy of Medicine.

The Stephen Smith award is among those that NYAM presents annually at its Anniversary Discourse and Awards Ceremony, which pays special tribute to individuals who have made distinguished contributions to health policy, public health, medicine, and scientific research. NYAM honors innovators in their respective fields that have made a profound difference-in basic science investigation, in therapeutic discovery, in helping shape critical health policy, and in public health impact at home and abroad.1

The award is given every year “to pay special tribute to individuals with distinguished accomplishments inhealth [sic] policy, public health, medicine, and scientific research.”2

Dr. Williams has made a deep impact in his field of study and serves as a genuine example of spiritual and academic/professional excellence.

Here is a video of him addressing racism at a university in MA.



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