October 6, 2013
By admin

It’s an astonishing reality: more than 70% of Adventist young people are attending non-Adventist universities.  These are the conservative estimates that are, by now, more than a decade outdated.  Some are realistically estimating that up to 80% of our young people are attending public colleges and universities.  When you compare what the Seventh-day Adventist Church is doing to retain this un-ministered target group with what other Christian and non-Christian churches are doing, the reality is as astonishing as the percentages.  When you compare our evangelistic endeavors with theirs, you wonder how long it’ll take for us to ever catch up — we are so behind.

Lest we forget the great need of public campus ministry, and the great potential of this ministry, it is essential for us to call to mind why CAMPUS exists.  We have been founded on the powerful phrase:

A Bible-based revival movement in which every student is a missionary.

Our three core values are:

BIBLE-BASED — Our beliefs, practices, and methodology is founded on Scripture and empowered by simplicity and prayer with Christ as the center of all that we do.

REVIVALISTIC — Lives must be transformed.  Our students are equipped and held accountable by this standard: are people witnessing the image of Christ in every aspect of our ministry?

STUDENTS ARE MISSIONARIES — We have a passion for reaching seekers and sharing with them the biblical truths entrusted to us, providing for the world the gift of the Seventh-day Adventist message.  The purpose of education goes beyond gaining temporal knowledge to making an eternal impact by winning souls to Christ.


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