October 8, 2013
By Israel Ramos

Over the last several weeks, CAMPUS has discussed its vision for the next five years.  Reflecting on what God has done for us and the current need to prepare public campuses for the imminent return of Christ, we have guiding principles to move us to heights that are higher than the highest human thought can reach.


Ann Arbor has a special place in the heart of public campus ministry.  It was in reference to this school that the words were written: “It is a work that must be done…”  On these inspired words, church leaders and young people worked to launch a biblical and uniquely Seventh-day Adventist model for public campus ministry.  Within the second year of CAMPUS’ existence, students began a formal church group on the campus of the university.

CAMPUS training is currently based in East Lansing.  When we moved the program from Ann Arbor, we did so for two reasons: we needed a more central headquarters, and the Ann Arbor homes could no longer handle the wear and tear of student activity and dorm life.  With a tough economy, it was necessary for CAMPUS to be even more aware of our financial responsibility to God, the Michigan Conference, and our selfless supporters.  The plan was to make the training of young people financially sensible and effective.  Here is our plan:

In the next five years, we want to expand our current training program to three key sites.  Instead of having one large program, we hope to have several smaller ones.  This is why pastors who understand campus ministry are so valuable!  In each site, the pastor will serve in conjunction with CAMPUS staff to adequately train young people as missionaries.  With a smaller group of missionaries spread over the conference territory, training is more manageable for the instructor, the missionary is able to focus on one specific territory, and more local sites benefit from the impact of CAMPUS’ ministry.

Currently, our focus sites are (subject to change):

  • East Lansing, home of Michigan’s largest university & CAMPUS Headquarters

  • Ann Arbor, birthplace of CAMPUS & Michigan’s top university

  • Houghton, our upper peninsula headquarters & home of Michigan Technological University

Please join us in prayer, that in the next five years, we will have strong programs running in each of these locations.

Our current number is 8


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