Adventism & the Emergent Church
October 27, 2013
By admin

The following are news items posted or submitted by our alumni.  Thought we should pass them along.  They are all good, but the final item is a very good read!

1.  Southeastern California Conference makes history by selecting the first woman conference president.  Shane Hilde provides live blogging here, including pictures and Ted Wilson’s comments to Pacific Union Conference President Ricardo Graham.

2.  The decision was controversial, going against church policy and the direct advice of World Church President, Ted Wilson.  Here’s a response to the decision from pastors in the North Pacific.

3.  While speaking at Southern Adventist University for a GYC South-East event, Stephen Wohlberg addresses the emergent church perils affecting the Seventh-day Adventist Church today.

4.  Advindicate interviews Wohlberg regarding his presentation which has caused quite a stir among Adventists because it singles out ministries and people in the Adventist Church who are promoting EC views.

5.  Bonders shares an article by Dr. Fernando Canale, originally published by Adventist Theological Society, providing context for the above news items.

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