Josephine Elia Defends
September 26, 2013
By admin

Josephine Elia, CAMPUS Intern ’08 defends her dissertation at Princeton University tomorrow.  She graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2007 with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering.  Her thesis is titled “Discovery and Operation of Hybrid Energy Process: Novel Frameworks for Planning, Synthesis, and Design under Uncertainty.”  A Doctorate in Chemical Engineering is her final goal at Princeton.

In November 2012, she was featured in an article by Princeton for her contribution towards producing fuel while cutting down CO2 emissions, or equivalent, by 50 percent — and doing so in an economically attractive way.  The web story was: Synthetic fuels could eliminate entire U.S. need for crude oil, create ‘new economy’  She is one of ANEW’s founders and is on their core leadership team.

In her personal blog, she says “I love books.  I love languages.  I love the beach at sunset. Campus and youth ministries are my passion, as well as remediating the energy problem of the world. At some point in my life, I want to see an Indian wedding, learn how to surf, horseback ride, and travel to Africa and Eastern Europe, although I’d still live even without these things. But above all else, my uncontested, ultimate, and greatest desire is to see Jesus come.”

Jo, congratulations on your accomplishments.  You are a living example of true Christian excellence.  May God’s blessings follow you as you defend your dissertation and serve as a witness to your professors of what it means to be a Seventh-day Adventist scholar!

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