September 22, 2013
By admin

The CAMPUS headquarters not only serves as the operations hub for public campus ministry, but it also houses the GYC headquarters.  Under the leadership of Justin McNeilus, Judy Ramos has been spearheading the establishment of a simple museum-type set up throughout the CAMPUS House.  Judy currently serves as the Administrative Assistant for GYC.  She was also part of the first Executive Board, serving in what is now known as the Vice President for Programming position.  Later, when Programming and Logistics were merged, she helped lead the departments in Ann Arbor and Sacramento through one of the most challenging growth spurts that GYC experienced in its early stages.  Finally, she served as the first producer for our GYC annual conference when she managed the backstage operations in conjunction with 3ABN when GYC first went live with the conference on television.

The GYC Gallery displays a brief history of GYC with items that highlight several landmarks in the organization’s experience.  Among other things, a wall is dedicated to showcase a timeline of events, a scrapbook contains various logo ideas by Justin Kim and Israel Ramos, and the first email dialogues are there for those who would like to get a feel for how the early days were.

The GYC Board of Directors holds two regular meetings each year.  The Fall Meeting usually takes place to provide an update on the latest items necessary leading up to the annual conference.  CAMPUS is a fitting venue to host the Board this year, as this is President Justin McNeilus’ last meeting with the Board in his capacity as President.  A new president has been selected and will begin her term, technically, at the start of the Before Men & Angels conference.  Being able to visit the CAMPUS House will provide a time for reflection on what God has done in the past as the 4th president of GYC is transitioned into her new position.  The board meeting is scheduled for October 3-6.

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