September 23, 2013
By admin

CAMPUS will be hosting a lunch meal for all of its alumni at GYC.  Over the last decade-and-a-half, many have been associated with CAMPUS through their involvement in our Missionary Training Program, Retreats and Conferences.  If you are free, please plan to attend.  Not only will you get a free meal, but you’ll also be introduced to our new team, get updates on the latest news in public campus ministry, and have time to reconnect with old friends.  Please RSVP so that we know how many meals to prepare.

Our alumni are our greatest resource: they recruit, promote, and live out CAMPUS ideals on a daily basis.  We appreciate all that you do and hope you understand how much we appreciate you.  Also, CAMPUS will be having a booth onsite.  Plan to stop by in the evenings to hang out and make us famous!

We’ll also have some free give-aways.


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