What is GPCMW? Ted Wilson Invitation

The Global Public Campus Ministry Weekend is a call for student missionaries and ambassadors for Christ on public college campuses in and in the secular workplace.  By empathizing with the felt needs of others, engaging with fellow Adventists at church and on campus, and by empowering students to  proclaim the Three Angels’ Messages on the campus, in the church, and in the community, the Global Public Campus Ministry Weekend is a called for Total Member Involvement.

The quinquennial priority of Public Campus Ministry for the Seventh-day Adventist Church is Total Student Involvement.  The Global Public Campus Ministry Weekend will mark the beginning of a two-year emphasis on student missions, service, and evangelism on campus.  Come accept the call and support others as they do the same: to be involved in the ministry of the Gospel on public college campuses as students and church members!

Watch this special invitation from the General Conference President Ted Wilson:


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